Oy Klippan Ab has 60 years of experience in seatbelt (1959) and child seat (1967) production. The company is located in Vantaa, Hakkila district.
We have Finland's only a crash rig, which gives us the opportunity to test and develop products. The crash rig has been a prerequisite for the continuous development. The track is also widely used by external companies. Klippan has cooperation with i.a. the technology research center VTT.
The production capacity in Vantaa is around 50 000 child safety seats per year. Most of the production is exported.
We focus on KLIPPAN safety products that are designed for cars, work, home and leisure time, as well as customers' special products and test- and development needs.
The number of employees in year 2018 is 15 and the turnover is around EUR 5 million.
Our company has been awarded the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 quality certifications.

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bv cert  

Oy Klippan AB has been approved ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality certificates.

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Achievers   Oy Klippan Ab has also obtained the Achievers 2019 certificate, issued by Kauppalehti journal.


suomen vahvimmat   Oy Klippan Ab has also been awarded with the Strongest in Finland 2007-2018 certificate.


  • 1932: Foundation of Ky K. Hartwall Ab.

  • 1959: Production of seatbelts started.

  • 1962: First Klippan Childseat produced by Bröderna Ottoson.

  • 1967: Klippan Journalen 1/1967: Klippan childseat base for the new standard.

  • 1975: Sales of Klippan Childrestraints started.

  • 1986: Bought by Electrolux. New name Oy Autoliv-Klippan Ab.

  • 1987: Production of Childrestraints started.

  • 1989: Own Crash-rig built.

  • 1994: Bought by Klippan Safety Ab, new name Oy Klippan Ab.

  • 1995: Klippan has been granted the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

  • 1995: Klippan moved to Vantaa, current production place.

  • 1998: Bought by Krug Inc.

  • 2001: Bought by Newell Rubbermaid Inc.

  • 2002: MBO/ Leo Martin and Bror Martin.

  • 2006: "KISS" KLIPPAN ISOFIX SAFETY SYSTEM, production starts in China.

  • 2011: The Triofix with base launched.

  • 2011: Klippan was granted the ISO 14001 enviromental certificate.

  • 2012: Dinofix launched.

  • 2012: Triofix - Dinofix rewarded "the News of the Year 2012" on the BARNochBABY fair in Sweden.

  • 2013: First update on the Triofix seat, Triofix Recline.

  • 2014: Firstline stroller launched.

  • 2014: Export to 22 different countries.

  • 2015: Wego belt-seat launched.

  • 2015: Klippan granted "the Strongest in Finland 2007-2015" certifikate.

  • 2016: KISS 2 Plus is replacing the KISS 2 seat.

  • 2016: New owners of the company; Micaela, Roland, Daniel, Teresa, Bror and Leo Martin.

  • 2016: Export to 25 different countries.

  • 2017: Celebrating 50 years of manufacturing of RWF childseats

  • 2017: Strongest in Finland Platinum 2007-2017.

  • 11.9.2017: CEO Leo Martin; Celebration of 50 years of service at Klippan.

  • 6.11.2017: SOP Klippan Century.

  • 19.2.2018: SOP Triofix Maxi.

  • 19.9.2019: First release of the Klippan Opti129. 

Modern cars have strong protection areas - if you are an adult




When the child is travelling in a rear-facing seat, the head will be supported by the seat, saving the child's weak neck from the crash forces. If travelling in forwards-facing seats, however, the child’s neck, head and spine will be exposed to enormous strain. This is often as dangerous, or even more dangerous, for the child as the accident itself.

Baby on Board

Oy Klippan Ab owns 56,32 % of the Estonian company Adniel Oü. Adniel is specialized in sewing of child-seat covers, working- and safety clothing.

Adniel Oü 
Pikk 62 A

Puh. +372 45 381 71
Fax. +372 45 381 71
E-mail: adniel(at)