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Product: Child Seat (R44-04 approved in grp 1-2-3)

Weight range: 9-36kg

Way of assembly: RWF/FWF, base/3P belt (VEHICLELIST)



Triofix Maxi, the third facelift on the legendary Triofix seat, is a safe child seat, possible to be used both forward and rearward faced. We have during the development process focused on the safety of the seat and the comfortable use. The integrated headrest and adjustment of the belt height, makes the seat especially practical. The adjustment of the belt height is designed so you never need to disconnect the belts from the seat, you just choose the right height.

By modifying the backrest and headrest design, we have been able to fit even longer children into the seat. At same time, we have improved the safety on the seat during side-impacts by adding shock absorbing material.

For increase of comfort there is used memory foam beneath the cover. Together with separate paddings on the inside of the cover, we have a really comfortable seat for the growing child.

The seat is approved in groups 1-2-3 / 9-36 kg (75-135cm)

The Triofix Maxi child seat is meant to be used with a separate base, to receive a complete safety system. The base can be assembled to the car by either Isofix or by the 3P harness in the car. The recline is possible with recline-bar in the frame.

Accessory parts: Cup-holder, sun guard and a carry bag/seat cover.


D Rear-faced Isofix 9-18 kg
Rear-faced 3P Belt 9-18 kg

B1 Forward faced Isofix 9-18 kg
Forward faced 3P Belt 9-18 kg
Forward faced 3P Belt 15-25 kg
Forward faced 3P Belt 15-36 kg


Weight without base 9,8kg

Width on seat: 42cm

Max height of back approx 49cm

Max width of shoulders approx 34cm

To note

Low level of Chemicals

The seat-covers on Klippan childseats are produced without lamination of the fabric. This results in a very low Chemical level.

Life span

Life span of the Triofix Maxi seat is 10 years from date of purchase, as far as storage and use has been according to instructions.

A seat involved in an accident

We recommend that a seat involved in an accident, shall not be used anymore.


Klippan childseats can be recycled according to instructions in the manual.

Please read the manual well before starting to use the seat.

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